Our efforts concerning increasing our market share and engineering development would not be so meaningful if it were not for investment in so called human (intellectual) resources. The specialised team, who comprise the substance of the whole organisation, are the key enablers of the office.

We do our best so that the people employed by us would hold adequate qualifications necessary to perform specific duties. We provide the possibility of attending various trainings, conferences and seminars for the purpose of intellectual development of our employees. We apply an employee motivation system to achieve better and better effects. In our company we attach importance to the atmosphere, we try to create nice and friendly relationships among employees since good mood influences efficiency. Our team consists of people, their emotions, diversified characters, but everyone despite their individualism can count on the support of the team they are a part of.

Our personnel are ambitious people full of ideas and initiatives. In a sense, it is a combination of two oppositions – on the one hand we provide young, dynamic and enthusiastic team of engineers who hold adequate qualifications necessary for decent performance of their duties, on the other hand some of our employees are people with a long-standing experience and extensive knowledge.

Such a co-operation guarantees high efficiency.